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Vema Carbon s.r.o.

Vema Carbon is engineering tomorrow’s solutions, today

With an unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, Vema Carbon is at the forefront of developing solutions that are as sustainable as they are groundbreaking. Our advanced technologies are tailored to meet the evolving demands of a world that no longer views environmental responsibility as an option, but as a necessity. As we continue to forge a path towards a greener and more efficient future, Vema Carbon remains your trusted partner in the pursuit of excellence and sustainability.

Executive Summary

At the heart of Europe, Vema Carbon is a beacon of Czech engineering excellence, strategically situated to harness the continent’s robust logistical network. Our venture stands at a crossroads where the mastery of engineering converges with a deep-rooted commitment to ecological conservation.

We boast a distinguished portfolio that includes unparalleled cryogenic complexes, pioneering chillers and heat pumps, along with state-of-the-art BIO LNG systems. Together, these form the cornerstone of our holistic strategy to address critical issues within food preservation, climate control, and renewable energy sectors.

Who we are

Vema Carbon is a collective of visionaries, seasoned engineers, environmental advocates, and problem-solvers. United by our dedication to redefining what’s possible in energy, climate and preservation technologies, we’re more than a company; we are a family of professionals from the heart of Europe.
With deep roots all over Europe based in Czech Republic, each of us brings a unique perspective, yet we all share the goal of delivering transformative solutions. Our team’s diverse backgrounds in physics, engineering, cryogenics, food quality, aquaculture and green energy ensures a rich tapestry of ideas, underpinned by a shared belief in creating technologies that better the world.

What we do

Cryogenic complexes

Our focus is on the development of sophisticated automation for the cryogenic processing and storage of high-quality, biological food products, ensuring freshness and extending shelf life. These complexes ensure the long-term preservation and freshness of a wide range of biological food products, from organic meats to delicate seafood, catering to a global market that demands quality and sustainability. Having an extensive team of seafood producers, chefs and engineering experts we understand the problems ultra low technologies can solve for the world.

Bio LNG and Bio LCO2

In the vanguard of clean energy, our BIO LNG complexes epitomise our commitment to green solutions. By transforming organic waste into bio-LNG and bio-LCO2, we are not merely managing waste; we are redefining it as a valuable resource. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to capture methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and repurpose it as a clean, efficient fuel. This not only mitigates the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere but also provides a renewable energy source that is versatile and reliable.

Chillers & heat pumps

Our solutions are designed not just to meet but to exceed the demands of a market that increasingly seeks sustainability without compromise. By leveraging our deep industry expertise, we have crafted some of the most energy-efficient chillers and heat pumps for residential buildings. Our systems are defined by their use of green refrigerants, centrifugal compressors, air bearings, smart sensors and innovative control algorithms that together deliver unmatched energy efficiency, operational reliability, and environmental integrity.